Analysis of Income Taxes, Assigned Reading 38

I am close to done with FSA, so I’m almost 3 books through the reading. So far, I have found all sections in Schweser quite clearly written, and when something is less than crystal clear, I turn to the CFA original books for backup. The one exception so far, where I can’t seem to get clarity out of either source, is Assigned Reading 38, Analysis of Income Taxes, specifically LOS 38(d) through 38(j). I have just found that there are very few examples in either Schweser or the original text, and the ones that are there are confusing as all h-ck. Can anyone recommend an approach that will make this stuff comprehensible? Perhaps an alternative reading that is not in either the CFA book or the Schweser book?

use the search function for “taxes” on this forum. someone posted an awesome tax review in may or june. taxes is a bi*** that is for sure.

DAJ, Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that, and there were a TON of hits, even in just May and June. Is there any way you could help me figure out which posting in particular you are referring to? Many thanks, CND

look for a post by map1 in the recent past – which provided links to all past useful threads from the june exam. CP

Here’s the link to the post that cpk is referring to:,803655 At the very bottom there’s a link to a post about Income Taxes with lots of info.