Analyst expected earnings for BAC

does anyone know where can i find what the analysts expectations are for Bank of America fourth quarter earnings? thx.

What earnings? Ba zing…

Do you have access to a Bloomberg terminal? You could probably find one in your local library or university. I’m assuming here you don’t work in the field. I doubt you’ll find earnings forecasts online without having to pay a subscription. or they don’t have every single estimate listed out by analyst like bloomberg but they have the average estimate for each quarter and fiscal year. i’m sure yahoo finance has it too but i never use it so i’m not sure.

in this kind of mkt and with this kind of analyst performance, i’d just pick any number that looked remotely viable and called it good. if you have any trading sense you will beat the consensus analyst estimate most likely.

thx guys. carson, i dont have access to a bloomberg terminal. joev, ok cool ill check out msn and wsj. i was lookign at yahoo finance and i didnt see any earnings estimates there.

You don’t need bloomerg, you can see it on Yahoo Finance

thx dermot