Analyst for Bank's Credit Risk Analysis Unit - good?bad?average?

I have an interview coming for the position above - essentially CRAU is a part of Financial Risk Management Department of a small/medium regional bank somewhere in Europe(not UK), and we are talking retail banking here. This specific unit mostly deals with reporting and analysis tasks for internal/external uses, as well as adherance to industry regulation(BASEL II, IFRS), some internal policy setting - pretty much anything that relates to credit risk of bank’s loan portfolio. The analyst will be working at a portfolio level and will be responsible for slicing and dicing data, preparing various reports that relate to credit risk, and also part of responsibilities will include calculation/reporting/policy setting related to specific provisions for the loan portfolio. Knowledge of Excel, Access, some VBA, some SQL, familarity with IFRS, familarity with Basel II are required. So that’s the description for the position in a nutshell. Now I have some questions for you guys and gals, any input is appreciated, sorry if I am being a bit vague in my questions: *Is this a decent position in you opinion, for a person who has 0-2 years experience in finance? *How long should one stay in a position like this, if it looks like not much of career growth up the corporate ladder is expected? *What is an average pay for a position like that in the US?UK? *What are some of the exit and growth opportunities for a position like this? *Are skills from this position transferable to other fields(something other than risk management)? * Is this position considered to be cheap MO, decent MO, BO experience? * How is experience from a position like this looked on(retail banking - yuck?)? any other ideas or thoughts are welcome… I’m just trying to understand how relevant is this position to me.(Technically, I do gravitate towards MO jobs, but I am not a math. genius by any means.)