Analyst Forum Junkie

I guess it isn’t healthy but I am addicted to checking posts as my eagerness, till results day is here, will only continue to grow.

Anybody else experiencing this? or am I the only crazy f***

You’re not alone… “hmm… this thread was updated 1 hour ago. I guess I’ll check back in 15 minutes”

lol…I got the same bug

You’re not the only one oh

Just about 1 month post exam… time flies!

I also check often even though things are really slow after the exam. Can’t wait to find out.

I got my CFA in 2017. I still check back.

I am starting to feel a bit better then… 2:54 am and checking again. Damn it

There you go.

Wait for the week before the results day, it will turn into insomnia

hey guys high 50s band 9 mock guy from june 2016 here,

i get lonely on AF this time of year, because things typically die down. from my experience, the first 10 days after the exam the posts are fast and furious. AF is lit. so lit in fact, that many of yall get kinda dumb with breaking rules (aka: “damn i didnt annualize that rate in on the AM 7 pointer”) its all in good fun.

but then, once the exam is further and further in the rearview and the fomulas and rules that we were PROFICIENT at on game day fade from memory,so do the questions we dwelled on and second guessed ourselves. like for me, all i know is i left 20 points blank on the AM and thats all i think about. but the specific questions? i think i forget most of them, even the ones i wrestled with.

heres to seeing all yall on the other side, best wishes!

Lol, you beat me to it.

So true. As time moves on now all I can remember is the questions that I struggled with and it makes me second-guess myself too much.

Fingers crossed!

I think it is not fair two make us suffer for 2 months before we get they give us the good news or put us out of our misery.

i peak in addiction sort of 3-5 days post exam, obsessing over other people’s views on difficulty/mps etc.