Analyst forum quantified just a 2min break before diving again into FSA do u find this relevant ? as wannabe analyst I’m sure we will all find a (fair) reason why traffic soared in October/November and then plumetted after the 1st week of december… I’m quite surprised to see that the IS monthly US visit is not higher than that. AF Value in USD: $16,225

Google Mkt Cap: 184.84B Google dot com valuation per “”: $730,643,519 says $78 for AF. Those websites are basically useless in determining a value. A site is worth what it can earn, something only the owner knows.

yeah u cannot be more right for valuation purpose $127 $38,956 $2,621,642 but then we can wonder if we choose the right job …

quantcast only covers US visits. I’d bet >60% is non-US.