Analyst Forum Question

I read on a thread( can’t find it now) that AF shuts down when the exam approaches, is this true? and if it is does anyone know what day?

It will shut down the day of the exam and be open the next day.

Will you miss us getter? :slight_smile:

thanks joey

strangedays Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Will you miss us getter? :slight_smile: of course I will! Seriously though would like to thank everyone on AF. Especially everyone who participates in our discussions, post Q’s, etc. It has really helped solidfy my knowledge of the material. It was one thing to read about it and another to discuss with others such as yourself. I believe it really makes a difference. THanks again everyone! Hope we all pass so we can do it again for LII

Sincerly, I think I will also miss people in here…I hope we will catch up in here after the exam (although I will be one week on holiday in California), but after that for sure I will be around :slight_smile: