analyst forum survey

Hey guys, Did u check the AF survey about what materials we used to study for the exam, About 15% say they studied exclusively from text books, is there someone on this forum who took level 2 without even looking at any notes, if yes do share with us how ure exam went, and I have to say ure the bravest of this group…

Braveness is the mid point between timidity and fool hardiness … So is it timidity , braveness or fool hardiness… :slight_smile:

All Hail I, The one vote which created the 15% of the survey. Exam went well except for half of Fixed Income and PM; other than that, no real complaints. I only used the CFAI texts for LI too and passed that on the first go. This is my first time for LII but I am a little more worried about this one. I’ll let you know the result come August. My goal is to pass all 3 with just the CFAI texts and I will have saved alot of money and will be crowned the smartest man in the world by Warren Buffet and Stephen Hawking simultaneously. But I do have to credit the water I drink. I’m from Waterloo. “The Smartest City in the World”, no I’m serious, It’s hard being the only one of my kind.

Hey mattlikesanalysis how did u do those current/capital account questions in economics and the second ethics vignette…did u get the cfa exam survey ?, Hey getsetgo how would u rate matt on ure scale? I have to confess, I just knew waterloo as the city which had a cool outlet mall, since I spent 2 yrs in rochester been to the mall a few times…lol

I planned on using only the textbooks, but the readings were so drawn out and there were so few example questions to work from. I switched to notes towards the end - actually right around the start of PM - Definitely the one section in the texts I wish I looked at more.

Those two economics q’s I got burnt actually. Totally blindsided by those ones, but then again, I have to admit, the only stuff I didn’t study was economics so you can put that on me not the books. Ths second ethics vignette wasn’t horrible, then again, i didn’t study ethics very much at all, i don’t think its something you can study for, something you just have to rationalize while you’re in there. i easily got 70+ on both ethics put together. and yeah i got the cfa exam survey…don’t know how you’re going to use that piece of information but there you go. hehe. WE HAVE AN OUTLET MALL?!? why would you go from rochester to waterloo? i would have to assume a misunderstanding. And I’d have to say foolhardiness -> that means moronically daring, right? I figure, if you can’t get through these exams without studying, how do you expect to be Finance Minister?