Analyst notes would help me fail?

I finished my first readings recently even though i struggled to breast the tape. I was mentally exhausted. My next strategy is to answer a lot of practise questions as much as possible. It has always worked for me by helping me reinforce all I have read. In this case of CFA,maybe it wiill help me remember cos right now I can barely remember all i have read As a rational human being, i am looking for the cheapest source of questions. I found out that Analyst is cheaper but I ain’t just comfortable with that. How reliable is analyst notes for practise questions. Am i on the pathway of failure? Please influence my decision.

I think analystnotes is an incredible value. There is so much material and alot of it is pulled word for word from the CFAI text. I should also say that some of the questions aren’t great (maybe like 3%), but overall I think it has been a good supplementary tool. That being said, I have never taken the exam before so I don’t know how much it will help on the actual exam. Good luck

Get the Elan guides. They are only $50 and the material is pretty good. The only thing that sucks is the practice questions and answers are all online. If that doesn’t bother you, I would do that. It will shorten it up enough for you to do some reading too… They also have 2 mocks coming out in early may for $60.