Analyst Notes

Hi All; I was just wondering if anyone here has/or is using Analyst Notes’s Mock exams. They are pricing 6 exams (120 Q’s each) for $69 which is very reasonable. And if anyone has used them and written the actual exam, how similar were the questions in the mock and the CFA Level1 exam. I tried searching but found nothing. Thanks. LINK:


My personal opinion…don’t bother. The questions have far too many mistakes, language is very shady, and the explanations provided don’t make sense. I haven’t taken their mock exams, but you can go and try their practice questions for free. I gave up after 15-20. I guess there is a reason why it is so cheap.

Yeah I felt that the actual notes that they provide aren’t really any good either. Good if you want simple dot points to race through each morning to help you keep it in your head. If the webmaster is checking this thread, here is what I really meant: Analyst Notes are the best CFA material providers ever, don’t know why you’d ever want to buy the CFAI books or Stalla notes when Analyst Notes are here. Analyst notes pay for this chat site don’t they? Tell me when I can stop sucking up.

Methinks you’re a little confused about which forum you are on. :wink: