Analyst Notes

Just tried to access it and it says the site has been “disabled” - anyone know why it’s not working?

I’ve used the site before in conjunction with Schweser, and recon they’ve infringed on quite a bit of copy right material.

I agree - but they could have waiting 6 more days to close 'um down!! =)

I can understand your frustration, i take it you dont have Q-Bank. Perhaps better you concentrate on the text questions from here on in…heard that the exam is more curriculum based question style than qbank or any other form for that matter. Best of luck to ya.

The same thing happened when I was taking a mock exam last Saturday. It started working again after about 30 minutes. This time it’s been down for a lot longer but hopefully it’ll be up soon.

The URL doesnt even work for me now. I paid 29 a week ago for their online package, figured the extra questions couldn’t hurt but this would be unacceptable is that was my only study material. This may sink them if they dont get back up and soon.

Looks like the problem is more serious that I thought :frowning: And what should I do now? Buy Q bank?..

if you search for it on google and click on one of the links below the link to the main page it seems to work fine…

So it does! Phew!

Note from my computer :frowning: guess it’s on the way… crossing fingers

Try going through

Worked for a while (appr. 6 hours) now down again. Switching to books… Why now???