Analyst Positions; Please Review Resume

Can you guys please take a look at my resume? I’m starting to apply to Analyst positions at small to mid-size firms. Are there any issues you see? Are there things I should add or take away? Thanks! Link to Resume: Please disregard formatting issues,

Send me an email at d hyun 4 @ gmail . com I will send you a resume template. I’m not an expert, so this is all I can help you.

Zesty, it’s a good start. Your work experience needs more details though. For instance, take this line: “Performed financial reporting and variance analysis, risk analysis, profit/loss analysis for contracts and programs” You should present this stuff to show its importance. Instead of “Performed risk analysis”, think about saying “Calculated value at risk for $XX million in potential investments.” You could even say that your “Analysis was applied to realized investments worth $XX million.” This way, you can throw in some financial jargon (VAR), and you show that you are sophisticated enough to understand the importance of your work to the business process. Other parts should be more concise. Consider changing this line: “Directly managed a portion of Loyola University’s endowment with select students.” to “Managed a $k equity portfolio funded by Loyola University’s endowment”. This part also needs to be quantified to show your sophistication. “Outperformed benchmark, S&P 500 index, for assigned sectors on a risk-adjusted basis.” Should be “Outperformed the benchmark (S&P 500 Index) by X% with a Sharpe Ratio of Y.” Basically, go through the resume and try to figure out questions that the reader will have. Show that you are used to speaking financial language. Good luck.

Ok, got it; thanks guys!

Hey dhyun3, I sent you an email; let me know if you didn’t get it.

I got your email. Let me send it to you after work today.

Sorry man, your resume is garbage. What does that mean: CFA Society of Student Member You need professional help, contact Numi ASAP.

Sorry, but I have to be honest, your resume is weak at best. It doesn’t matter how you reword your resume, because you were doing 2 jobs and a MS in Finance at the same time at some point. This tells me your “equity analysis” and “fin reporting” jobs were obviously not real jobs and are more or less BS. If I was screening resumes, I would move on. Plenty of stronger candidates to choose from.

Ditto on what the hell CFA Society of Student Member means, I have no clue. Have you taken any of the CFA exams? From the looks of your resume you’ve taken 0, and if you have passed 1 or 2, for god sakes put it on there, it will be your biggest selling point.

^^^It means that he gets many of the benefits of being a member of the society without actually having to have done much/shows that he is interested. I am a student member of the Minnesota chapter. I had to be sponsored by a current charter holder and fill out an app.

Uh huh, so you don’t have to pass any of the tests?

@Mo34, Iteracom, dbfinley; Thanks for the honest answers; a little additional information- 1. The financial reporting job is real, I’m at work right now! I currently work for a real company, over $16B in annual revenue, you can visit their website at, so the financial reporting job is “real”. The second line about portfolio analysis was a school sponsored opportunity where we managed a $500k equity portfolio funded by the schools endowment. This was “real” but school related should I put this under the additional section as not to confuse people even though I state the Universities name in the heading? 2. CFA Society Student Member is a form of membership that the local CFA chapters offer; you can go to the events and listen to lectures and etc. So I’m assuming you guys advise that I remove this? Thanks for the good feedback everyone!

@dbfinley, You have to register with the CFAI and apply to the local chapter but no you don’t have to pass any tests. I’m surprised you guys aren’t aware of this. Maybe all local chapters are not as active as others.

This illustrates the importance of being explicit in your resume. When people are not familiar with something, they are likely to assume that it’s worthless.

I mean I just don’t see the point of this, he’s a Master of Finance candidate, or maybe he graduated hell if I know, but at this point you should have passed Level I at least. This organization seems like it would be useful for someone who was a fresh/ soph/ junior who can’t take Level I but since you’re 5 years out you have no excuse for not taking it.

Ya, the student membership just says your interested. I actually went to one today, It was cool. Numi has prepared mine to incorporate it as well as that im taking level 1.

Ski2Much Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ya, the student membership just says your > interested. > > I actually went to one today, It was cool. > > > Form.aspx?ID=150&Source= > /default.aspx > > Numi has prepared mine to incorporate it as well > as that im taking level 1. If Numi said so, then it must be true. Where’s your resume ?