Analyst report examples

Noob here… Can anybody post an old report they’ve written or an example of a report? I’m looking to see what the outline and level of analysis is. Thanks all.

Do you have a brokerage account? Most brokers provide reports nowadays. If not, shoot me a PM and let me know what industry you need.

you can search google… “GS equity report XYZ .pdf” try a few variations… might be a few quarters out of date but its there…

another thing to consider is that many of these “analyst reports” from the sell side are just laying out the conclusions, the more interesting stuff is in the modeling worksheets used which are not published

Where is this PM feature and how did I not know about this? Man I feel like a noob

It’s not really a PM, but click on someone’s username and click contact.

Ok, thanks

I’ve got initiating coverage and about a years worth of followups for an oil services company and the company reports/news releases for the same period, fire me a pm if you want. Be warned though, one year’s worth of this stuff can easily fill out a 2" binder…