Hello, I will be hiring an analyst shortly [i.e. will have the full mandate once HR approves it] and was wondering whether I could get some cv’s from you guys ahead of that to meet with me and our CIO? The role is with our Portfolio Analytics Group and reports to me, the Manager of Analytics and - obviously - the CIO, and will involve the analysis of raw data received from our managers and it’s manipulation into various reportings. Intermediate to advanced [i.e. Pivot Tables, Array’s and most finance functions] is needed for the role and I would also like the incumbent to have completed Level 1 of the CFA program and have aspirations of earning the Charter. My goal is to build this junior into a Senior and then hire a new analyst in 12 to 24 who will be trained/mentored by you. A willingness to learn Bloomberg and Morningstar Direct 3.0 are positives as is a good attitude and proactive sales type culture [i.e. don’t lose the forest for the trees]. About $60,000. No client contact, 100% head office role in a nice office. Willy

Just some more back-up on the role is that I see this is a transitional role for a fairly bright person looking to ditch a discount broker or sales gig but not nearly ready to tackle i-banking interviews. I’m thinking around 23/24 years old. The Canadian Securities Course and CPH are also big positives because at the Senior Analyst level we will probably get you licensed to talk to RRs. Our firm is [very] small, progressive and innovative and I know this because I worked for a boutique and a BB before, so believe me when I say that if you’re bright and have good, lucid ideas and the ability to articulate them, yet have zero attitude, you will probably easily get the Senior Analyst role and a Portfolio Manager title 3/4 years down the road, as well as, the money that goes with it. Willy

email for you, or mine is for a reply.

Thanks Malnoll, I’ll write you tomorrow. Willy

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Hi Willy , Can you wait until Jan. 23, the day the results of level I exam will come out? It seems CSC is still useful for finding a job in Canada. What do you think of CSI’s Derivatives Market Specialist designation? It’s good for a trader?

Willy, I have sent you a email regarding my interest.

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FourCastles Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > FrankArabia: “Willy, I have sent you a email > regarding my interest.” > > Hmm, Frank sending an email to himself, complete > with a grammatical error? This is rich. correction-“I have sent you an email with regards to my interest in your post”. I suspect that even with the grammatical error that you understand my point. my question, how much money are you willing to put on your claim that I’m Willy?

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