AnalystForum App

Why don’t we have an android/ios app for this forum ? Would really love to have one! views ?

i agree do ittttt.

They’ll never move to Tapatalk…

We re-designed the site about 2 years ago to make it mobile friendly so you should be able to use it easily in the browser of your phone. What do you want an app to accomplish?

I’m sure it’s simple things. Like I can’t highlight and copy text with my phone, because of some pop-up. Inserting links and other stuff is clunky. For some reason, certain words turn into stars.

I think an app would keep it more easily accessible, it is always more convenient when you get notifications or can open with just by clicking on the app than opening a browser and then refreshing or opening the page altogether. Plus I think it would also be easy to post and browse around in an app, probably we could bring in more functionality to it later on like articles etc.

There is this website they also have an app, you could take a look if you want. App lets me check my messages and reply to my posts instantly or even reply to others and keep the communication going seamlessly. I think we would then have even more people visiting and accessing it then.

Lastly, this forum was the only thing I knew and had to my rescue when I started with CFA for I did not know any other person or of any classes and so it holds a very important place for me and I would really love to have more easy (one touch) accessibility to it. Look forward to hearing your views on the same Chad :slight_smile:


I think the app would be beneficial because of social media and the cyber, and also for blockchain.

You can add messenger tool as well to this app to video call any AF member any time we’d like to contact someone. Also maybe worth thinking would be adding a feature of geo locating any AF member via GPS.

Another feature that would be nice. Allow the predict text to change the words I am writing. If I press the word on my keypad ,it randomly doesn’t chanch. I just pressed change and the forum switched it to chanch … Now I’ll type without forcing the right words…

Chad why oh why can’t my predict tezt akeayd work. It woiod be nice if the words all csmr out the way I want…thie is the obky wevsiye iveI ever had this issue on. It is awful ! Why is it only this website? I jusy dontd know