AnalystForum Fantasy Football Season 8 - who's in?!

Hi All, I hope you’ve had a nice summer. I just renewed the Fantasy Football League with the draft on Tuesday, September 8 at 9:30pm ET. I sent an invitation out to all participants from last year, though there’s a good chance we’ll have at least a couple vacant spots.

If you are interested in participating and would like to be added to the waiting list, please let me know! Entry fee is $125, prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd/best record, 0.5 PPR and standard settings overall, auction league.

Yo, Numi! I’m in. I’ll reply to your e-mail shortly.

Hey guys, we will have 1-2 spots open for new participants! Can you please drop me a note at numi.advisory AT gmail if you are interested? Thanks all.

Hey–sorry I didn’t make it yesterday. We were out of town and didn’t get back until late.
Can I still put together a makeshift team with whoever is left over?

The draft is tonight buddy

It was just brought to my attention that the draft is tonight–not last night.
See you guys at 8:30 (Central) tonight.

Numi–who’s in?

We have 100% returning participation rate so there was no need to tap into the waitlist. Great to see everyone return and perhaps in the future we can get some new faces in the mix.