AnalystNinja, any good?

Hi All-

Anyone utilize the AnalystNinja mocks for Level III? Did you send in your answers for grading? Did you find the feedback valuable? Thanks!

You can find 20 years of past exams online with a simple google search. What’s the point of using 3rd party resources?

I personally didnt think it was worth it. I would stick to the CFA mock exams, the feedback they provided was brief and not really good

Thanks mp11932 - appreciate the feedback.

Without having a clue how it is I can only deduce by the name that it is a joke. An analyst is not a ninja.

Used it last year. I thought for the price, it was worth it. They have AM mocks by topics so one can get started with AM papers early on in your study program…concentrating on writing in bullet points, keywords etc.

Hi there it is recommended to practice the maximum of questions that you can depending on your available time schedule. I did purchase the mocks from them and sent a few of them for marking. Though the feedback is not so much detailed, I believe it is always better to have a third party do the marking for you; no one else offer marking facilities! I was satisfied overall.

It’s tough to take any TPP seriously that has the word ‘ninja’ in the name. Unless it comes with novelty nunchucks or something, then it would be worth it.

I used it this year and thought it was quite good, especially their correction service which gives useful inputs on constructed response.

I think its good…its just few changes to actual pass AM papers. the answers provided also helped me understand how much i need to write.

In a nutshell, i suggest you get it :slight_smile:

Let me add word of advice for Level 3 candidates here…practice as many questions as possible for AM questions and also learn the art of writing short answers else you’ll have much lesser chance to pass. I saw many candidates failing the exam this year since they were not able to complete their AM paper (despite knowing the fact that they need to write short bullet point answers). Trust me no matter how many questions you practice, i can assure you at least 80-90 percent of the questions on CFA L3 paper will be questions you haven’t seen before, so practicing helps you counter the surprises (which will be plenty for AM).

Follow the following rules if you want to pass at 1st try:

Rule # 1: Answer only what is being asked. Graders don’t care how much you know so please don’t try to impress the grader.

Rule# 2: Write as short as possible. I don’t remember writing more than 5-20 words at max for any answer

Rule#3: Aim to score above 80 in afternoon session. Trust me it will compensate for your bad performance (in case) on AM.

Rule # 4: Focus on Rule 1, 2, and 3.