hi, has anyone tried any of their packages/questions for lvl II? can you provide any feedback please? even if you use it for studying, please holla back at me so i know how effective their comparison tools are. thanks, kundik

i was talking about analystnotes dot com

that is analyst notes without a space in between, wtf is wrong with this?

I can only speak for myself and I did not consider it. I purchased their notes for Level I in 2006 since they were so cheap; at that time the PDF notes were cheap and the on-line ones still publicly available over the Internet (with an orange pop-up blocking the window for 5 seconds or so). I didn’t like those notes as there were no particular connections to the LOS that I could see. Nowadays not too many people seem to post on their web board from what I can tell: In one of the major sections, the “Study Lounge”, there are as of now only three (3) entries posted in 2008 (i.e. in almost two months). The “Test Preparation Service” has only two (2) entries for the same period. As a comparison there are at least 1451 entries posted in the Level I forum the last 30 days. (I ran a search for the word ‘and’ and received 1451 page hits.) I guess you have to judge for yourself and form your own opinion.

I used their Level I package in December exclusively (I did not buy any CFAI materials), and found it to be very thorough. It is true that their forums are empty, and sometimes their questions are worded poorly or the answers given do not align with the explanation given. That said, the notes saved me a great deal of time. They can be a bit too short at times, but when I felt they explained a topic insufficiently, I just did a quick google search. I found their mock exams to be much more difficult than the actual test. I bought their level II package to supplement the CFAI materials for June, and it does not appear to be on par with the level I prep kit (no mock exams, less practice questions). I am just started on LII, but will likely rely mostly on the CFAI books, only using the site for areas where I need further review or where I feel confident enough in my subject knowledge that reading the CFAI books would be unnecessary.