Has anyone tried signing up for the test taking service at It is similar to Scheswer Qbank, and I wanted to know what experiences you have had with analystnotes. I am a little skeptical because Scheswer questions are way to easy for the actual LII test in my opinion. I know there have been other topics on this but I wanted to know what LII Candidates in 2012 knew about this site.

Tried them for the level 1. I found it not worth the time and gave up half way… In my opinion, the wording of the questions was terrible; difficulty can be comparable to QBank. They also offer the summaries of the readings, which are just as bad. Would not recommend.

I wouldn’t want to use their material for Level II (or for Level I for that matter). Could it be that the QBank questions are easy to get you started and that you later on are meant to switch to their mock exams, which presumably are harder? If they would throw the hardest questions at you at once, you might find them too difficult to cope with.

I used them for level 1 but as @sdeni said wording was bad and summaries were hard to read. But they do have some value. Their questions, at least for level 1, were more difficult than Schweser or CFAI and the fear factor helped me work harder. But from what I gather, they are just bad for level 2. I might consider looking into them after I’ve had time to thoroughly do CFAI EOC questions and Schweser; which is a nice way of saying no.

I used them for Level 1, and I was extremely glad I did. For someone who didn’t have the option of paying the high price tag for something like Qbank, it was nice to be able to get something cheaper that still added value for me. With that said, I haven’t purchased yet for Level II and don’t know that I will. I’m not sure if this is correct or not, but I’ve heard that their Level II questions are NOT in the vignette style. So I don’t know how applicable the practice would be.