Analytics and tools for Institutional Asset Managers (DB in-house, Endowment/Foundation, OCIOs, Consultants, etc.)

Wanted to get a feel for the types of analyses that are necessary vs value-add vs interesting-but-not-necessary in the institutional space. Hoping to keep it within 1 or 2 tools such as either Bloomberg, FactSet, Morningstar Direct, Barclays POINT, StyleResearch, FinAnalytica, etc. Note: I need to be able to handle 40-act funds and pull holdings on the fly, cover public market securities, and help model illiquid assets and OTC derivatives. I have some already built, but at the risk of stifling creativity… I’ll let the conversation begin.

I would be surprised if Bloomberg is not the most generally comprehensive of these tools. It is probably not the cheapest though.

we use bloomberg, Barclays Live, and CMS Bond Edge, which is a piece of shit, but helps when modeling FI securities or portfolios.

edit: my bloomberg rep assures me I can do everything I do in bondedge on blomberg.