And if you wondered if I hate you (I dooooooooooooooo). Name 3 things you want to change about yourself?

I want to be more sympathetic to other people.
I want to listen to others more effectively.
I want to take more risks.

lets goooooooo

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I’d like to be warmer and more easily liked
I’d like to be less lazy
I’d like to feel like what I’m doing is helping me to maximize my potential or lead me to being in a place where I can do that
Also, I’d like to be more athletic

As it stands, I think the first two can be worked on to different degrees. And they don’t bother me too much. Neither does my physical appearance though I think some things (read: picking up chicks) would be marginally easier if I was more athletic (I’m in ok shape but could stand to lose 20 lbs).

I do think that the first two are going to be hinderances in terms of my achieving the third thing. Michael Burry said that he thought his personality made it harder for him to raise money. I do think I could achieve more at work though I know that I’m already pretty good and hit all my targets, but I know I could do better. I get easily distracted by things. I also think that on my current trajectory I may max out as a portfolio manager at some fund, which is great for a lot of people, but I have bigger aspirations than just helping some rich people get a bit richer (or just getting the bag/2&20). Seeing what’s going on in Ukraine, and seeing Zelensky make such a big difference, it’s like, what am I even doing. So I’d like to move into government work or something more influential, or to build an empire, but it’s just so not straight forward. I also feel my skills are pretty limited, and there’s the golden handcuffs too.

Gorilla, have you considered doing some charitable giving?

9” dong

Is the 20 % CAGR not enough for you?

haha my weighted cagr estimate is actually 14.4% i think.

yea but cant afford to be charitable yet.
id say once i get to 5m. i’ll be much for generous.
for now its rack up and stack up.
I want to go to the phillipines though and help there.
the impact there is much bigger since the people are much cheaper.

Understandable, and fair enough

I too am one for the Rack up and Stack up way of doing things.