And I'm rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' my 401k to an ira

i got about 300k.
i plan to allocate 50k in a covered call value strategy. has anyone tried? what were results. thoughts
essentially i buy a dividend yielding stock and collect dividend.
sell a monthly call and collect premium.
then wait until it exercises and sell then i find another value stock.

Why not just do it yourself? They only have like 20-40 stocks in their models.

You’ll probably need more than $50k though.

i will be doing it myself. i figure 5 positions. 5k to 15k a piece. and sell the amount of contracts to collect.

Whats your edge with this strategy?

how to value them. i’ll buy when historically/relatively cheap.
I figure these companies will be pretty much range bound.
set a strike with a decent yield and within the valuation i like
i keep resetting every month. until it gets expensive.
then i find next target.

Historically cheap companies and worthwhile options writing premium maybe don’t go hand in hand?

Have you ever experimented with writing put spreads? There’s tons of premium up for grabs that way too.

they do exist. there are companies.
that are historically cheap. buried in debt. pay a ton in dividend.
its sellign hte call options that i am unsure of. the premiums.
how much juice is in them on an annualized basis.

This is some ■■■■■■■ big brain ■■■■ right here. I barely know the difference between a roth and a normal 401k.

roth after tax account. future gains never taxed. but no loss deduction.
tradiational pre tax accounts. future withdrawals taxed at ordinary rate. gives you a tax deduction upfront.
the key here is comparing your marginal tax rate now vs what your marginal tax rate when you withdraw the money.
if marginal tax rate now is higher use traditional. thisis often the case.
but many tards in the industry push the roth,