and science marches on i never cease to be amazed by the progress made possible by ever-advancing science… who would have thunk?

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~Albert Einstein

You know what’s really cool? You could have your Rottweiler eat your neighbor’s Schnauzer, take a dump in the park, and the DNA analysis would blame your neighbor!

ha ha ha ha awesome, best one of this miserable year.


Another thought: train your dog to eat your neighbor’s dog’s sh!t. This way, you can: - make use of the residual energy left in that sh!t (helps out [trivially] in global energy issues) - save money from not having to buy dog food - implicate your neighbor via DNA "anal"ysis

how 'bout the art scene lately a bull in a tank of formaldehyde, with its head crowned by a gold disc - sold for £9.2m… nice hm?? it would really tie the room together.