And the Crazy B!tch of the Day Award goes to ...

That fine DC woman who confronts the Secret Service with a baby on the backseat and gets f— killed in the process.

These people shouldn’t have the right to reproduce.

Well at least she won’t have the chance to have another kid now.


I can sorta kinda see fleeing when half a dozen cops are pointing guns at you, but to go from crashing into the White House to crashing into the Capitol Buidling is just bizarre.

She was one, of many, of Obama’s mistresses.

She was driving an Infiniti. Definitely deserved it.

This is pretty fu**ed up…This young mother did not deserve to be shot down like that by these paranoid goons in DC. So what she rammed through a police checkpoint! This happens all the time and no one ends up dead. She just panicked. I watched the video and the woman was clearly trying to get away when they opened fire. I’ma have to call AL and voice my displeasure on this one. Word up man.

I don’t know anything about that woman. But by the tenor of stormy’s post, I’m guessing she’s black.

EDIT - I was right. Stormy, would you have the same opinion if she were white? You didn’t jump to defend the Asian Range Rover driver.

Where the fck do you live???

OK–let me process this.

“She rammed through a police checkpoint. This happens all the time and no one ends up dead.”

“The woman was clearly trying to get away when they opened fire.” (assumedly AFTER she ran her car through the police checkpoint and sped off toward the nation’s capitol)

Sounds perfectly normal to me. Whitey must be trying to keep her down again.

People smash their car into the White House checkpoint all the time?

It’s not a matter of “deserving” to be shot. There is no death penalty for ramming a car into a government check point. It is, however, a forseeable circumstance to be shot by police when attempting such an act. The woman was mentally ill and believed that the government was electronically monitoring her. It is unfortunate that her condition led to this outcome, but we should not fault the police officers who shot her for performing their duty and reacting appropriately to a perceived threat.

Shame on Ohai for not bringing up this issue in the NYC Bikers thread.

Stuff like that happens all the time and the only reason the driver got pummeled was because he was Asian. I hope he calls Jackie Chan and voices his displeasure too. Totally irresponsible on Ohai’s part…

^Tis true Ohai. Hacksaw yourself.

Then call AAAAA. (American Association for the Advancement of Asian Americans.)

Is there an Asian version of Reverend Al or Jesse Jackson?

In light of recent revelations, maybe you are the one that is mentally ill for not sharing her belief.

Today’s award goes to that deserving McD-enthusiast lady.