Anders Breivik wins human rights case

I don’t care how sophisticated and civilized a society is, this shit is ridiculous in any distant universe.

'He was also woken up every half hour every night over a long period of time…"

I mean this is classic torture, sleep deprivation is no joking matter and they should cut that out.

I mean, in principle I agree with you. On the other hand, “Good. fvck 'em.”

Yea I mean obviously part of me feels the same way, but if you are going to torture people you’d be more humane in just offing them. The guy is a complete POS though and clearly is so screwed up there is no hope. I’d imagine a lot of the terrible treatment he got was due to the way he treated prison staff.

If you hate other people so much that you mass bomb a ton of them, would solitary confinement really be a torture?

I dont think solitary is torture, one could make a case that its for his own safety pretty convincingly. However I do think solitary is way overused in the american system and can do more hard than good in many cases. This case however is not one of them, this guy is a horrible human.

hope he invests it wisely


not very christian of you bro. hate the sin, right? maybe if we showed him more love and acceptance he would see the error of his ways.

The mass murder of a couple-few dozen young people, or endlessly fucking with the guy that did it?

I’m not down with the former. The latter? Meh. The biggest mistake the guards made was letting him talk.

he’s in solitary because he’s likely worshipped by the nazi/fascist contingent in norway (and abroad) and they don’t want him having communication lines to the outside as it could result in more terrorist actions. nor do they want him developing a nazi group within the prison for various reasons. anders tests my social liberalism very much so. i think he should be in full solitary lockdown 24/7 with no comms. he’s shown no remorse and would 100% reoffend if given any opportunity. eventually he’ll probably kill a liberal leaning or immigrant prisoner if let into the general prison population.

  1. I told you I don’t claim to be Christian, I do however defend the stance.

  2. You might be right. Shown love while kept in confinement may create a valuable reversal in his views.

Anyhow, it’s not like the alternatives work. How’s an eye for an eye working for the Middle East or Ireland during the IRA heydays.

Wait do you mean love or prison love?

I disagree with all. I think prisoners still have rights like anybody else, even if they are child-raping terrorists. I don’t think any prisoners should be tortured as part of their sentence.

Get a rope!

Far less torture than what he did to the 60+ people whom he killed shooting, while they tried to swim to safety. Human Rights case? Waav and to win it - some lawyer was there for him to hire, depresses me more.

I don’t think this guy is going to see the error of his ways. He is a real nut job.