Angoss Software

Anyone on here ever used it? Not really for investment mgt, but I’d like to solicit opinions before I push my office to spend the $15k/seat. THANKS.

$15k/seat, are you crazy?? My comfortable swivel-back chair costs $199 from Office Depot.

i don’t know anything about angoss software. on a related note, what is a “juventurd”?

whew, good one, numi. for a while there, i thought you were evolving into one of those finance drones who don’t have a sense of humor. you’re so serious and all, all the time…dutifully responding in detail, and all…

It’s been my screenname since I was 16 or so. There was a spanish wrestler named Juventud, and some kid who didn’t like him in the audience held up a sign that said “JuvenTURD”. Get it? I was probably drunk and high of whippits at the time but I found it horribly amusing.

its certainly amusing for us. but i can see why it would be horribly amusing for you…