Annuity Calculation

Ms Ling purchases an automobile using loan of $ 44000.00 for 7 yrs with monthly payments. The annual nominal interest rate is 12 % with monthly compounding. What would be the monthly payment.

What is I/Y here?

As effective rate is not given, should we convert it to effective and then use that I/Y for calculation?


in the finance calculator, I/Y is the nominal annual rate of interest, with the default number of compounding being 1.

for this problem, you are paying monthly with monthly compounding. this means that your N must be in months and you need to tell your calculator to compound interests monthly.

in BAII Plus Pro, 2nd -> P/Y -> 12

note that, as is, the problem is ambiguous. you will get different answers depending on whether the payments start immediately (that is, if you calculate as though this was a monthly annuity-due), or if payment starts 1 month from now (that is, if you calculate as though this was a monthly annuity-immediate)

Just divide 12 per 12 and than multiply 7 by 12, than you`re good to go…

If you’re using a BAII, you have 2 choices:

  1. P/Y=I/Y=12, I=12, N=84
  2. P/Y=I/Y=1, I = 1, N=84

Both ways should give you the same answer. The key is to set the values consistently.

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