Another attempted rape in Florida

A Florida teen abducted his victim, took it to his girlfriend’s house, and attempted to force himself on the victim. At least this time, the victim was able to ward off the attacker.

The victim is an “it”? That doesn’t sound very charitable.

That said, although I’m not going to delete threads that talk about rape as a simple news item, maybe we should try to hold off on the rape threads for a bit and see if the WC becomes a better place for it.

This should be more accurately characterized as aggravated kidnapping and forced sexual touching.

Why aren’t there more of these threads on AF?

These will die. Somebody had to post at least one more for effect.

I thought we weren’t posting about rape anymore because of ‘matt likes analysis’ father did something to him one time and he gets upset about it all.

Greenman, you antagonizer!

greenman just mad that his favorite store closed down and now he has to shop at k mart



Is this bullying? Even if the “victim” brings it on themselves…I’m starting to understand.