Another bad work day

Some dude in Ukraine is making a mint trading on this up and down news the Ukrainian government is making. Now, I’m not saying Russia isn’t the bad guy here or that Russia isn’t arming the rebels. But the inconsistency of the reports from Ukraine is just absurd. Importantly, this will likely have no real long term effect on anything.

^ That was my first reaction when I saw the Reuters headline: is that reliable and do we have to react on that?

The short term effect was visible (in the stocks prices), but I agree that in the long run, unfort, we´ll get used to that situation. I´m curious about the reaction of the EU and US…

The reaction of the EU and US? “Putin you’re a bad boy. Please stop and don’t do it again or else we will take away your buddies’ Learjets for the weekend.” Now if Germany and France launched some air strikes against the rebels, then OK, I think we’ve got a news story. But this is much ado about nothing.

At some point the diplomatic way won´t work anymore. But I´m with you that air strikes or any other military intervention are far out of reach…

I don’t think it is appropriate for the article to refer to the Russian military as “terrorists”, since their goal is not related to terrorism. I’m sure the Russians would prefer the term “undocumented immigrants” as well.