another calculator saga

ok, i have the allowed TI calculator… but i don’t know how to use any fancy functions and i haven’t been able to find the guidebook. but i have some hopes of finding the guidebook and i think there’s an online tutorial at TI… how much time do you think i need to budget to learn how to use the annuity/pv/etc. functions? like an hour, or 4-5 hours. worst case, do you think i can get by just with normal functions (i’m including sqrt, y to the x, e, ln etc.)… thanks in advance!!

I believe the instruction manual is available on TI’s website. It’s definitely worth the time to learn how to use the TVM/NPV/IRR functions. I would guess you could probably get a decent understanding of these in about 30-60 minutes.

manual is also on Schweser website…

thanks to both you guys!!! much appreciated