Another disagreement with ELAN (Mock #2 morning)

Q10: Adam Scott, CFA emails a new recommendation to all of his current clients. He then calls his five largest institutional investors to discuss the recommendation in detail. Scott has most likely: A. Not violated the Code and Standards B. Violated Standard III (B): Fair Dealing C. Violated Standard III ©: Suitability I thought the answer was C. Emailing a new recommendation to all clients would not take into account the differences in preferences and needs of individual clients. If the recommendation is to buy stock X, it needs to be made in the context of the entire portfolio which, I’m assuming, would differ across his client base. The answer was A. I understand the logic that you can call the biggest clients after issuing a recommendation, but why is it suitable to email directly a single recommendation to all clients?

It’s not Suitability because he’s only letting them know of the opportunity, he’s not adding the security to all his client’s portfolios. Hope that helps