Another early indication that you passed!!!

If you read and understood the material well, wrote the exam, answered all questions, and did not undergo PCP investigation, you probably passed!!! Given this, I think I passed! What do you guys think?

Good Luck…

I passed.

…all that, and got the short error message…THEN you passed.

No, long error message is the pass.

Probably. CFAI will patch that hack next year.

Just reading the error messages, I think it is pretty clear the long message = fail… = it effectively says you are no longer registered hence you will be invited to register again!

Really if you want to know whether you passed or not you should go to Account Home where you can see Profile, CFA program and Memberships. If you have register for your level under the CFA program this mean you failed if there is no regester you passed. Best luck to all.

@Kimo, i dont think there is anyone who can see register under account .It will be activated next week upon release of results