Another email signature question

Hey kids

Fellow Canadians will know what a shit show the accounting designations are right now. Where I would have just written His Mom, CMA now I have to write His Mom, CPA, CMA.

And now that I have the CFA Charter it’s alphabet soup and I hate it. So what’s classier?

His Mom, CFA, CPA, CMA | Analyst

Some Company |Some Department


His Mom, CFA | Analyst

Some Company |Some Department

Whats your job? Personally I would go with option 2, but if CPA is more important, option 1.

Thanks Stratman. That’s what I thought.

I do reporting on volatility and returns. Its a good start. CPA not hugely relevant. It just costs me 1200 a year in dues and I’m getting 0 value for it.

Congrats on all 3. Id like to get all 3 myself. Have you noticed the CMA being appreciated much? I can’t really determine how much value it really has

get cmt kiddo cma is weak like iraq

CFA alone. Alphabet soup seems like you’re desparate/trying too hard to gain recognition.

It totally depends on your role.

and should it not be Some department then some company?

Agreed, all signs point to keeping it muy simple. I don’t really use the CPA, and its only function would to be a micro resume/ cv extension.

Gringo- maybe. Didn’t set the format. Me gusta. Thanks folks!

So just to clarify for the Yankees: This dude only has two designations. But since CPA has come about via the CA, CMA, CGA merger… he can only express his accounting designation as CPA CMA (as he qualified first as a CMA). This is because CAs think (and likely are) a cut above the others and refused to mingle on a level field with their friends. New accountants will just be CPA.

What is your opinion on this?

I agree with the CAs.

^ I think its a sweeping generalisation, but most of the time its true. There are very good CMAs and CGAs, and terrible CAs. But I think if you’re blindly hiring one, you should probably go with the CA. If anything because the CA program has self selection of higher achievers. I don’t think the program or audit experience has any particular value.

agree with depends on role

You only have to look at the reactions when the merger talks happened. CMAs and CGAs were thrilled, CAs were pi$$ed. Not many CFA charterholders would be thrilled if their designation was merged with the FRM and CAIA.

Its not only a matter of drive and intelligence. The CA program had limits on its capacity, no articling job- no CA.

The CAs, CGAs and CMAs didn’t have clear brands. It was always hard to describe the differences. I’m not even sure, other than CAs have more tax and audit. CFA, FRM and CAIA are different enough that I don’t think they will be merged.

The Canadian merger designation rules are retarded. Nobody wants to have a CPA, C-whatever . Many Canadians think that the CPA is another designation, while the US is sure it is.

Now I have to wait 10 years, and pay $12000 in cumulative annual dues before I can add this back on my email signature without it looking ridiculous.

This is one of the pieces that indicates why CA is viewed as more elite. The top kids get the articling jobs. That’s also why where you articled matters. Its a level of selection the other programs don’t have.

^What is articling? I tried googling it but all I found was articling jobs, but not actual explanations.

^ You do audit grunt work for a couple years and tax grunt work for 6 months. Essientially you ask dumb questions of the companies you are auditing, compile your uninformed results and bill out at $150/hr while making $15/hr.

So this guy just started at my level and put BComm after his name. Like ‘Some Name, BComm’

If your employer won’t cover the $1,200 and it’s not hugely relevant, maybe you should just drop it? Is it worth you paying the annual dues?