Another error in Volume 4? - Leveled Beta

Hi, I’m reviewing the summary of reading 45 - cost of capital. On page 73, the book shows: Beta L, project = Beta U, comparable = [1 + ((1 - t project). D project/E project)] Should it be: Beta L, project = Beta U, comparable x [1 + ((1 - t project). D project/E project)] Gosh, I wish I were wrong. This is the summary of the reading content!!! -Hui

yup there was an error and i think its on the very end of the page, but when it did the calculation it used the correct formula, the formula was for levering up and the subject it used in levering down … but its simple printing error… correct it yourself … dont sweat on it … there are not much errors … also download the curriculum errata file from CFAI website it will eliminate any further surprises… hahahah

Thanks, madanalyst. I mean most of the concepts are really not that hard to understand - but the words to describe them this way or that way kills me - sometimes I just have to interpret them in my own words. I’m not reading this materail in my mother language… so any error would kind of causing me to pause and ponder. Gees, what’s going on here? :slight_smile: Thx to tell me to download the curriculum errata from CFA website.