Another Ethics Question...

How long do you have to maintain records of past trades under GIPS?

Not sure, but for some reason, 7 years seems to pop up in my head

no GIPS on L2. revisit it in L3.

That’s strange, this is right out of a schweser level II vid… 7 Years is some legal limit… Which is why it always pops up in my head also… But im not sure it applies here. Actually, I’m not sure there are any specificed limits…

shut up. did they put back GIPS in 2009? need to check LOS’s but that would be no fun. the biggest changes in ethics (at least last year) from L1 to L2 were ROS, prudent man stuff, and soft dollars. discontinued portfolios you have to report for 5 yrs- I missed that Q on L1…

just checked the website- you find me a GIPS LOS… I don’t see one.

7 years is suggested by GIPS, not a requirement though.

“If no regulatory standards are in place, CFA Institute recommends at least 7-year holding period” Straight from Schweser video’s 2008, but not specifically related to GIPS… Just in general…

Note that is a recommendation.

Ok Seven it is. It’s Mickey Mantle’s number, so not only is it an all around beautiful name, it is also a living tribute. -george costanza

bannisja, Did you take a look at the los’ for 2009 - are there a lot of changes from 2008?

only glanced quickly on the CFAI website but it definitely doesn’t look like a ton of changes. i’d have to think that i now have a pretty strong base to build on for next year. someone the other day posted a few changes up here- i want to say they mentioned alt investments and maybe a little in FSA/eq? new, old, i plan to learn it well this time around.

I failed too - but unlike you, failed at Band 8 - so there is more room for improvement. I definitely plan on going into the exam very well prepared next year