Another Ethics

Georgia Jones, CFA, is an analyst for Johnson, Thomas & Co. She also serves as an outside director for Dewey Manufacturing, Inc. In the course of her duties, she begins to believe that Dewey’s income statement for the most recent period may have been misstated. Georgia should do all of the following EXCEPT: A) inform the Securities and Exchange Commission. B) consult with Dewey Manufacturing’s legal counsel. C) consult with Johnson, Thomas’ legal counsel. D) refrain from voting to approve any of Dewey’s financial statements that include the element in question.

I’ll go with A.

A’s my instinctive guess, particularly given that they never come out and say that dewey is public. However, I’m just not sure why Georgia would consult his own company’s legal consel (answer C).



definitely not A.will go with C. consulting outside counsel

This is why I hate the ethics portion of LII. I’m going to say A.




whoops. didnt read EXCEPT. so,answer is A. DAMN ETHICS

Dsylexic Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > whoops. didnt read EXCEPT. so,answer is A. DAMN > ETHICS And your name is dsylexic.

Great work, captain obvious.

I think A. “She begins to believe” is key here. Why would you go straight to the SEC without something more substantial.


A…second what dapper said

This has to be A. There is always an escalation chain to be followed. You can’t keep snail mailing the president that your kid got beaten up by the neighbours kid (who always bully him all day when I am at work)

no other choice but A

C --> No where is it mentioned that Johnson, Thomas & Co underwrote the issue or has recommended the stock… .No relation between Johnson, Thomas & Co and Dewey’s is mentioned in the passage.