another ethics

the CFA institute code of ethics incorporates an overall code of condct to be upheld by all members of CFA institute and candidates fro the CFA designation. Both the code and the standards are central to CFA institute’s values and are crucial part of achieving CFA institute’s mission to lead the investmnet profession globally by setting high standards of: A. training, honesty, and professional excellence B. competence, integrity, and diligence c. ethical behavior and diligence in the investmne tprofession d education, integrity, and professional excellence



this is a question from book 7. i was not convinced with answer D. so i checked on cfa site. man!!!

The first code of ethics is Act with Integrity,Competence, diligence and respect with fellow…

Definitely D. The question is tricky. Read carefully the last sentence, it CFA institute mission that we are looking at, not the code and standrads specifically. The overall mission of CFAI, if we can summarize it in 3 words, is D.