Another false cheating accusation


I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. Two of three proctors accused me of copying my neighbor, which is preposterous. I’m just a nervous, twitchy person who sits on his leg so I switch position a great deal.

Anyway, I’ve gotten my accusation in the mail and I’m naturally terrified that I’m done in the finance field. My firm recommended that I seek legal counsel for advice in the potential hearing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Know anyone who specializes in it? Any other advice for someone past the initial e-mail reply? Knows how long these investigations take? I can’t sleep at this point, so any help would be appreciated.

That’s terrible news. Did you just find out? Use the search function on here. There were several instances of candidates receiving the same notice of investigation around the first week of July with PLENTY of discussion going on. For clarification, are they accusing you of cheating, or the appearance of cheating? Anyway, best of luck to ya. Honestly though, your chances are grim according to CFAI’s track record on never letting people off.

It’s unlikely you will be “finished” in finance. But it is possible you are “finished” with the CFA program.

There are many that have received these letters

I read somewhere in the forum that they don’t have cameras in exam rooms , so does it mean all accusations, if any, are based only on proctors’ suspicions ? If I am a proctor and I hate some candidate for some reason, I will have an opportunity to make his life miserable, won’t I? Of course, it’s just an assumptions but I think it’s not fair at all. If in the end they find out that those candidates didn’t cheat, will those proctors have to compensate anything for accused candidates (mentally)? And If there’s no camera in the exam rooms, where is the clue of cheating?

No cameras,that is true. And yes it is based solely on proctor’s word.

In theory, it is conceivably possible a proctor just hated someone for no reason and decided to ruin in their life.

^This. From the posts it seems no one gets off and in this case more than one proctor has accused you. I’m not sure legal counsel is necessary for this…I’m pretty sure the max penalty is termination of your candidacy. I don’t think there is a fine or anything, that would be ridiculous but can anyone confirm?

In any case, the rules are stated pretty clearly and I don’t know, maybe it’s better you dont continue in the program if you can’t control your movements while taking an exam…this could have happened at L1, and if not on L2 then at L3. You’re not the first person this has happened too…obviously you should appeal or whatever the process is. Maybe you can get a note from a doctor saying you have something that makes you move a lot…who knows. It’s not the end of the world. Best of luck.