Another headline cops shoot and kill unarmed black teenager

I don’t even know what the point is anymore lol. He wants ‘statistical evidence’ that racial relations are more cordial in Brasil. You’d think the fact that they managed to integrate without a civil rights movt., the fact that there was never a Brazilian KKK or perhaps the fact that in current day Brazil Black people are happy enough that they don’t feel the need to go and form a Black Lives Matter movt. or shoot cops in retaliation would be sufficient evidence.

ah, i see the original post was edited. nvm you americans have this figured out and it looks like its going swimmingly well. have at it

Does all of your self-touted analysis boil down to stereotyping?

See the stats laid out above re: race in Brazil +

Black Lives Matter protest Rio police violence ahead of Olympics " According to a recent report by Human Rights Watch, a non-governmental organization, police over the past decade have killed more than 8,000 people in the state of Rio de Janeiro, three-quarters of whom were black males." + "On June 11 — one day before the World Cup started — two policemen picked up three black teenagers in Rio de Janeiro. The three hadn’t committed any crime — but they did have a history of petty offenses.

The officers drove them up to the wooded hills above the city. One was shot in the head and killed. One was shot in the leg and the back and left for dead. Another escaped.

We know what happened that day because the police officers left their patrol car cameras on, and the videos surfaced on Brazil’s Globo TV.

“We haven’t even started beating you yet and you are already crying?” one cop says. “Stop crying! You are crying too much! Be a man!”"

It boils down to observation. Nobody is forcing Americans to become a parody of themselves, I just observe and report.

Having lived and worked on five continents, a certainty I came away with is the ignorance abroad about life in America and our race relations. Some in America are even unaware that the USA is the most welcoming country on the planet. But sure, continue with the rhetoric about America and your fantasies about a world without her.

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America isn’t exactly a “welcoming” friendly place. Can’t think of places less welcoming, perhaps Russia or North Korea. It’s xenophobic for sure. The whole mixing pot experiment has been a failure.

Rare things tend to be valuable, we live in a world of people who lack basic awareness. Just look at these threads…

The clown speaks of countries he has not experienced, of subjects he has no knowledge and of matters in which he has no prespective. He has exposed himself as a racist and a bigot, as well as an insecure little man. Time to move on.

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I don’t know which Latin America you’re talking about. I’ve spent an extensive amount of time in South America and black and indigenous people are very visibly discriminated against by mestizos and people of European descent.

Yeah, in Mexico and Costa Rica I was there with a college group that included a black guy. Several times at clubs they tried to pull him out of the group and keep him from entering at the door. Extremely messed up.

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