Another headline cops shoot and kill unarmed black teenager

so apparently there is police body cam video where cops pulled out guns and shot this young “unarmed black teen” in a stolen car. an officer and two other cops were stripped of their police powers immediately after the shooting of Paul O’Neal, 18. An officer chased the teen on foot into the back yard of a house, where the cop fatally shot him in the back after he refused to stop. the media really needs to stop reporting this as some kind of racial problem 1) don’t want to be shot? how about don’t commit grand theft auto 2) once you do commit GTA, and are being chased by multiple cops, just stop. don’t try to run over the cops while making your getaway.

I don’t think you understand what it’s like as a black teen to live in fear that one day you might be stopped in a stolen car for no reason and shot after ramming two squad cars while fleeing on foot at any given time. The cops clearly deserve all of the blame.

Edit: I understand the cops should not have shot him as they weren’t under threat from a fleeing man. They should be disciplined as we don’t live in an authoritarian police state. This is bad judgment and training. But not racism.

In a similar note, the coverage of the Alton Sterling death is so one sided. The guy was a double felon, once for rape and once in 2009 for brandishing a gun while selling CDs. Felons can’t own guns. So here he is with one waving it around. He pleads guilty and does five years. Gets out and within a few years is doing the same thing and struggling with officers, most likely because he’s looking at a decade in jail. Winds up dead, sounds more like stupidity than racism to me.

I’d say stealing a car and then running away is not worthy of the death penalty. Certainly not without a trial by jury.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the death penalty. Just make it for crimes worthy of it…

I think people agree with that. But I think we’re also saying stop putting full blame on the cops. Also, the guy rammed it into two squad cars which is clearly a huge danger to the officers.

Danger? Attempted murder would have been the charge I would guess…

Shooting a guy in the back is always tough to defend.

if it was my car …

Def a different situation if hes assulting people in the process


In normal civilized countries police are not executing people in the field.

*****, what is up with the yanks trolling in full force with their mental gymnastics?

Most of Western Europe in addition to Latin America has Black and White people living side by side with little to no issue yet it is only in the States where a certain segment seems to be so disenfranchised with mainstream society and authority that they are actually shooting cops. The media bias flips both ways with excessive emphasis on Black American crimes so perhaps instead of cherry-picking specific events and getting defensive their energy can actually be put to use in a productive manner and address the root cause of the issue and instead of pointing fingers perhaps change what is in their control like educating the portion of the American populace that is still absurdly racist and has a backward mentality towards Black people which would help in opening up more productive dialogue. We have all seen the footage of Eric Garner, the kid running away etc and we all know the score so trying to say " don’t commit a crime and don’t get killed" which is a snidey way of saying they were asking for it is so absurdly simplistic, selfish and insular that it beggars belief and is symptomatic of the broader racism problem in the States.

Why so one-sided?

There are blacks who are every bit as racist as the most racist whites.

That’s a good question, can’t get any answers from them though, since they don’t see to be aware they are doing that.

Both are Americans, the point is it’s a very racist country.

It’s funny because I’ve spoken to a variety of people from Europe and the middle east that wound up here who have said the US is far more welcoming. But yes, I’m sure the 3.5% of black population in France, 3% in the UK, 1.5% in Spain, 0.5% in Italy offer a real roadmap for the US in terms of integration as these sound like veritable melting pots.

Maybe the roadmap is to not attempt melting pots. :wink:

It’s funny because I’ve spoken to a variety of first-gen Americans who felt so stifled they couldn’t wait to get out.

No one likes a pedantic troll but giving you the benefit of doubt the equivalent in France would be North Africans with close to 10%. The equation has the same baggage - being ruled by people they did not like and probably still do not with de-facto segregation and while France is also quite backward compared to Britain or Germany, relations haven’t quite deteriorated to the extent of the States. So despite your flippancy yes even backward France would offer a roadmap and If you think that it is ‘Black people’ that make the equation unique rather than external and historical factors try Brasil.

Fair enough.

I can’t be arsed to get into this boring discussion but Black people being racist towards White people has no tangible impact on the quality of life of a White person beyond getting spat on the street unless it gets violent. The reverse scenario is not entirely the same.

  1. You may have talked to US people who felt so stifled they wanted to leave, but that’s not the same as talking to people who have lived in both countries as a minority as they lack external perspective. 2) North Africans aren’t racially Black. But even if we were trying to include all races, the US has a far more diverse population than every major European country. 3) Brazil has had more riots than I can count in the past two years, has nearly impeached its government over corruption and has 22 of the world’s 50 most violent cities. What point were you possibly hoping to make about “offering a roadmap”?

Do you even know what you are trying to argue?

What does any of that have to do with the fact that Brazil’s racial relations are far superior to that of the United States with the same baggage - slavery and roughly the same % of Black people since you seem to think it is such a defining factor and that it could ‘offer a roadmap’ with respect to that particular issue or have you just gone full Hulk?

I think it’s hard to argue a country with 22 of the 50 most violent cities in the world and rampant corruption has a leg to stand on with respect to establishing harmony within the population. Beyond that you’re just claiming “superior racial relations” without any statistical basis. Or we can just go to the editorials:

"According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, black Brazilians ages 12 to 18 are almost three times more likely to get killed than their white counterparts, and a survey by the Brazilian Forum on Public Security found that black Brazilians accounted for 68 percent of all homicide victims.

They are also more likely to be victims of police killings; a study by the University of São Carlos showed that 58 percent of all people killed in the state of São Paulo by the military police were black. They make up 62 percent of all people incarcerated nationwide.

Racial inequality has obvious historical roots. Slavery in Brazil lasted for approximately three centuries, from the start of the 16th century to the mid-19th, a period during which five million slaves were shipped here from Africa — around 11 times more than to North America. The nation was the last in the Americas to abolish slavery, in 1888. But many Afro-Brazilians are still confined to the margins of society. Today, almost 70 percent of people living in extreme poverty are black. And they are almost totally absent from positions of power. All 39 ministers of President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet are white, except one: the head of the Special Secretariat for the Promotion of Racial Equality."

From wikipedia:

White Brazilian - Black Brazilian

Illiteracy 5.9%, 13.3%

University Degree 15%, 5%

Life expectancy 73, 67

GDP per capita R$22k, 15k

Homicide Deaths 29%, 66%

From the economist:

“In the 2010 census some 51% of Brazilians defined themselves as black or brown. On average, the income of whites is slightly more than double that of black or brown Brazilians, according to IPEA, a government-linked think-tank. It finds that blacks are relatively disadvantaged in their level of education and in their access to health and other services. For example, more than half the people in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (slums) are black. The comparable figure in the city’s richer districts is just 7%.”

From the UN: Sounds like a real racial utopia.

Pretty sure he doesn’t, Americans just randomly argue about everything without thinking.