Another Lucky Guy

Check out another pretty decent teacher involved with a lucky bastard…sometimes, i really envy the lives of others…

Jay Leno, " where were all these teachers when I was in high school?"

Good grief… look at all the cases in the slideshow at the bottom here. Clearly there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Almost as amazing… in Tennessee, it looks like they still use the black and white striped jailsuits.

I just read a story about a guy driving through Tennessee with 22k to buy a new car and the cops took it for basically no reason other than it could have been used to buy cocaine (he eventually got it back, after the local media raised a fit). So black and white jailsuits don’t really suprise me

Saw the same story. What a joke.

I love TN as a cultural study – been there twice and it might as well be another country. First time I went there I was struck by the fact that most businesses have signs that say “No shirt, no shoes, no service” AND NEED THEM.

i guess that is where all the hicks are?

I envy these highschool kids

how does it happen…thats what i like to know…does she keep him in for detention?

Even allowing for the generally unflattering nature of mug shots, some of those teachers are fugly. I guess that’s why we haven’t heard about most of them. Didn’t notice the NFL cheerleader in the lineup though.

i would take my chances…i thik i would have been a better person had my teacher given me more confidence…

higgmond, I wasn’t really drooling over most those teachers, either. I was just commenting on the number of female teachers that get caught in this. Presumably it’s just the tip of the iceberg, since a lot of this doesn’t get reported. My guess is that female teachers getting caught happens less often than male teachers getting caught, but I don’t really know for sure.

I do remember Debra Lafave who - when dolled up - was definitely someone who caught attention. There was another one around the same time as Lafave, but I forget who it was.

I don’t think it’s a mystery. A guy who sleeps with a teacher can’t keep his mouth shut.

I’m with ya bchad and Debra Lafave was indeed a pleasure to look at back then.

This site might be fun:

The 50 most infamous female teacher sex scandals. Deb Lafave is #2.

luckiest bastards alive…now i’m really starting to feel neglected, deprived, unimportant…