Another potential tell

On the same page where you go to Change Test Center page (can be found using the Search feature on the website), there is a link to access the 2016 Access Scholarship. I don’t think you should see this or the link should be active if you passed.

I see it, and I got a pass result during the “release” on Wednesday morning.

These “potential tell” threads are beyond ridiculous… Everybody freaking out needs to sit down, have a nice glass of bourbon or scotch, and chill the F$%& out.

this is unhealthy

I support that this just elevates the level of anxiousness, although I had all the “potential” signs of the pass that wtc2010 had whilst having a peak.

But I believe that I passed and that is final till Aug 11!



I’m just picturing some intern at CFAI reading af and just constantly switching up all the messages/links just to troll everybody

I heard from my Aunt’s friend’s dog walker’s cousin that if you log on to the CFAI site, then click on the bottom-left ‘Contact Us’ link and then to the ‘Email us with general inquiries’ link and politely ask for your result they will give them to you.

They seem to be backlogged though because they told me that I will get the email in about a week and a half.