Another website that seems to have copied AF's material...

The copy forum:

Original AF thread:

We are being plagiarized - success!

They even have the “quoted” posters real names. Ohai, jmh530 and Wendy.

ive run across this and another site while googling stuff, pretty funny and very illegal

Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

Did the “should I move out” thread also get nuked on that website?

What’s the point of doing something like that?

Create fake traffic to give the impression it’s an active site. Just like creating fake volume in a stock.

To cheat AD sponsors into paying you money based on volume.

You would think they would at least bother doctoring the time-stamps on the posts, so it wouldn’t look like that entire thread happened in the course of 60 seconds or less.

lol so ohai = stocker

Here’s another one that I stumbled on earlier today. These guys didn’t change the time stamps, either, which I think is hilarious.


AF original

I see. Seems like a very inefficient and time consuming way to do so though. Creating the fake usernames etc. Unless I am missing something…

Whois information says both websites are out of china, more info available but I’ll refrain from posting.

Pretty sure it would be partially or fully automated.

This is freakin’ me out. If their website is a fraud, maybe this site is too? Maybe I’m the unwitting participant in a Truman Show? The jmh530 show? Nah, that would probably be pretty boring.

Yes - what if AF is a “feeder” website? That is, Chad gets paid to feed whatever we post here to another, bigger website. Or what if Chad operates several identical websites, and whatever we post here gets posted on each of these other websites as well?

These sites are stealing the content from AF and I have no relationship with them. In fact, every time I have their ISP shut down the service they simply move to another host. I’ve removed the links so that these jokers do not get any Google juice from from AF.

Doesn’t it actually hurt your site when copies are posted on the internet? Also, i still see the links in the replies?

EDIT: Must’ve caught you between your reply and delete

Hey! Put back the copycat links!

I need to find the first reference ever to “rusty hacksaw”. It seems to have disappeared from the original AF.