Another "what are my chances" thread

Averaging 72% on Schweser book 1 mocks, got a 78% on CFAI 2012 AM mock. I’m also incredibly good looking. What are my chances of passing the real thing? Am I in good shape?

as solid as steel.

*Double Post*

OK, just kidding about being incredibly good looking but everything else is true.

Hope you’re right! Still don’t feel ready.

reason you don’t feel ready is because most exams in our lives we shoot for high 80s or 90s. Here, we shoot for 70s. Always going to be stuff we don’t know.

Common knowledge seems to be that you need to do better than 2/3 to pass. So if you’re at 75% you’ve gotten a pretty good margin if you’re getting that score persistently.

What’s your bench press?

Did 225lbs for like 21 or 22 reps last week,

*Double Post*

surely you mean kilos, not pounds!

LOL no. In kilos would be what I squat!

that how much weigth i gain reading CFAi books

Maybe you should sleep at a Holiday Inn Express on Friday night.

Anybody else remember that ad campaign?

I would totally sleep at a hotel next to the test center if it wasn’t $300 a night waterfront downtown core.

Usually Schweser scores are higher than CFAI mocks.

Hansel’s so hot right now

i totally remember that campaign and maybe will give it a try myself :slight_smile: