Answer book

This might have been discussed before but could you plz familiarize me with the am answer book? I’m guessing these are separate books (not attached the the question paper)? Do we turn to the end if we run out of space? Any other things to keep in mind? A friend of mine who wrote L3 last year spent the first 10 min trying to figuring out where to write the answers. He passed though. Thanks!

This is not a daft question, I have to admit I dont know the answer. Where there isn’t a question-specific template , where do we write our answer? On the book, or is there a seperate booklet/paper?

My understanding is that the layout is similar to the exams as posted on the CFAI website except they put blank pages in after each question for answering those questions that do not have a template provided. There are also additional blank pages at the end of the exam in case you run out of space on the pages provided after the respective questions.

AM is one big book, with more than enough clearly labelled space to answer every question. The old exams provided by CFAI eliminated the answer spaces to save paper when you print it. There are also blank pages in the back of the book if you need more space. You just check a box at the bottom of the normal answer page and mark the blank page as “Answer to Question ___”