Answer for Mock Test 2007 June from CFAI PLEASE!!

Hi all, I have a set of mock exam from June 07 but do not have the answer for it… If anyone have a copy of anser for it… please please send to my email address: The Q1 is about ‘Praveen Shankar Case Scenario’. The afternoon Qs, Q61 is ‘CVG Case Scenario’. Thank you very much in advance!

CFAI would love to read this post…

The vignettes you have are from the publicly released 2006 CFA Exam, not a Mock…they also appear in the CFAI curriculum, Vo.l.1 so you probably have them already but here are the answers: CVG 1. A 2. D 3. A 4. D 5. A 6. A Preveen Shankar 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. D 11. D 12. C