Answers to Practice Problems in 2008 Dec Curriculum

Hi, Does anyone know where can I find the answers to the practice problems in Dec 2008 Curriculum? Thanks a lot! Kaifeng

ummm… back of the books? i assume those are the questions you are referring to.

I take it you are asking about the questions at the end of each reading? In the back of each book there is an appendix that will give you the answers to these questions. Getting a late start on the material?

i am soooo… thanks guys! Well, actually I am learing 2008 Dec CFA but want to take the exam next year in Jun (of coz will have to pay, read again).

I hear the LOS changes up to 40%. You might want to sign up for June 2009 and get the material now. It would be a waste to memorize unneeded information.

To be honest, I am just quite interested in financial analysis. i.e. does not need to pass it (though it will be fantastic).