Anthony Bourdain Dead

Standard PA realist post , proceed with caution, you were warned…

Liberalism, drugs, no spouse, no religion, just a pawn to sell products, a life of lawyers and accountants, worth more dead than alive to the vultures. Heck, why wouldn’t people like this commit suicide?!

Prince, Kobain, Williams, Jackson, Spade, Cornell, etc. There are some common denominators.

I don’t have a TV but saw this guy’s show once while traveling. I thought the opposite! I mean, these are just projected images, not the real person, but it’s not like a real person who was happy would go to that extreme to prove “how much I’m getting outta life!” Kinda desperate.

“Getting the most out of life” was not his agenda.

… just my interpretation. He inspires me, for example, to hear out some of your infuriating points of view :angry:… because assimilating them makes my life better :wink:

Alphie- you’re a heartless SOB with such a delusional perspective on life. One day, when you’re on your death bed (with no one around to show you any love or support), you might finally come to that realization, too.


In case anyone had any doubts that PA is either a troll who likes to incite reactions, or a person with serious, very serious, mental health issues, this post is your evidence.

Shrug, I’m just a realist.

You got conned into becoming emotionally attached to corporate employees (celebs), so don’t talk to me about delusional perspective kid! I live in the real world, not inside the idiot-box. It’s great out here!

Nope, you’ve still got nothing. My insightful post stands.

Haha at least there was a warning! Anyways imo he lived a full good life. At some point I guess you are living for others. But that kind of sucks, you should do what you feel is right. Again everyone has different goals, just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean you should go around calling people names.

I totally agree mate. I think most reasonable people would agree that money doesn’t come into it at all but having kids must surely be a huge factor. I suppose people get into such a dark place that they convince themselves that their kids would be better off without them.

Tony B was actually quite a dick. you have to watch enough of his shows to notice this but his true colours came out every few shows. because he was a dick, i don’t think he was hiding anything or slanging product or whatever. he’s the only big time travel guy who doesn’t hide his frustrations while traveling. in some cases he was overly polite but nobody wants to burn bridges or scold chefs on a bad day. he has laid into guys who served crap in the past so you know he wants to do it when he can but you have to temper yourself, save it for the truly $hit product. dude was a legend and the realest guy on tv imo. being watching since no rezzes in 2005.

This is a really good point I hadn’t thought of, he definitely seemed like he knew how to live life.

I’m in 2 minds about sharing this because such gossip seems a bit off for a man that was such a legend but I was out on Saturday night and was talking to some guy in a bar. He said that AB didn’t leave a note, did the deed with the cord of a bathrobe and was found naked. His conclusion on this was that it was a ‘michael hutchence type situation’

clearly ‘some guy in a bar’ is not a source befitting of a forum dedicated to analysts and his leap of logic if pretty big but I thought it was interesting that AB didn’t leave a note. He was such a talented communicator you’d think he’d have put his final thoughts down on a page.

this is why wi think that he did not plan it at all. something happened (perhaps ex holding hands with another man) and it triggered him. i think if he was planning this for a while he would of left a note ala bchad (rip)

Just to add…he promoted racism against whites on CNN. It happened multiple times, 1) banning whites from his show, and 2) agreeing with white genocide as a way to “end racism.”

That’s a fact. And being a corporatist hater is depressing hollow work.

Reading “Kitchen Confidential” now. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Interesting guy, shame what happened.