Anthony Bourdain Dead

Gutted about this. That man was an absolute legend

I don’t usually get the whole thing about people wanting to meet celebrities but I would have loved to have had a beer with the bloke.

Why do people like this commit suicide? He could have used his popularity to do whatever he wants - help AIDS, become a Senator, start any kind of company, etc. I don’t really understand.

I can’t get my head around it either, especially as he had a kid. His wife was on his show every now and again as well and they seemed like they were properly in love.

The decision isn’t made rationally. While I’m sure you get sad, I could say that’s stupid Ohai gets sad he can buy a porsche with his daily portfolio volatility. Of course this more extreme than being sad, but the point is emotions don’t often line up with what we expect makes us happy

i mean avicii was more confounding to me. 85m at 28. and he prolly gets dimes that throw themselves at him.

Avicii was young though, he quite clearly hadn’t managed to reconcile himself yet. Even the way he did it with a broken wine bottle screams of an impulsive act in a moment of drunken desperation.

According to his family and friends, they saw it coming for a long time and tried to help but there’s only so much you can do. Ultimately your life is in your own hands and it’s your choice. We have no idea what they were going through so I don’t like to judge except…Kate Spade left behind a 13 year old daughter (with a note that seemingly blames her dad) and Bourdain had an 11 year old daughter. That’s going to mess them up, at least for a while. That’s when I get sad/pissed off at the selfishness of their acts. What bchad did, I was angry about because I thought his reasoning was illogical, but at least he didn’t have kids. Avicii even less so. He was depressed and wanted out. That was his choice.

And to those mentioning their wealth as a reason to keep going, you’re retarded. I’m not being hyperbolic, I think you’re actually retarded with a warped sense of reality.

All that said, I’d rather not people kill themselves so please know there are resources out there, people to talk to or even text. Suicide prevention line for the US: 800-273-8255 or text 741 741.

So so sad. RIP

There are rumors that he was obsessed with KS suicide and that might have pushed him over…

Either way it’s just terrible…

PS: Agree with STL on the money point. Sadly those are the most common comments I hear

lol allright. IM SORRY. found some interesting stats.

the biggest cause apparently is depression (nearly half):

but technically im not completely incorrect.

15% is due to financial problems. and another 15% is from work problems. prolly joint events.

Mental disorders are often present at the time of suicide with estimates ranging from 27%[45]to more than 90%.[13] In Asia, rates of mental disorders appear to be lower than in Western countries.[1] Of those who have been admitted to a psychiatric unit, their lifetime risk of completed suicide is about 8.6%.[13] Half of all people who die by suicide may have major depressive disorder; having this or one of the other mood disorders such as bipolardisorderincreases the risk of suicide 20-fold.[46] Other conditions implicated include schizophrenia(14%), personality disorders (8%),[47][48] bipolar disorder,[46] obsessive compulsive disorder,[49] and posttraumatic stress disorder.[13]

Others estimate that about half of people who complete suicide could be diagnosed with a personality disorder with borderline personality disorder being the most common.[50] About 5% of people with schizophrenia die of suicide.[51] Eating disorders are another high risk condition.[52]

In approximately 80% of completed suicides, the individual has seen a physician within the year before their death,[53] including 45% within the prior month.[54] Approximately 25–40% of those who completed suicide had contact with mental health services in the prior year.[45][53] Antidepressants of the SSRI type appear to increase the risk of suicide in children but do not change the risk in adults.[55]

whats even more interesting is there is a heat map on where suicides happen by country. the area where it least happens is in africa. quite interesting that the area with the most financial struggles have the least suicides.

I absolutely loved his book “Kitchen Confidential” and his shows. RIP.

I wasn’t really referencing Bourdain’s wealth, and in any case, it is quite rude of you to say people are mentally challenged for a comment like that. Anthony Bourdain could have done things to change the world around him and effect positive change as he saw fit. This is something better than money. If it is selfish to leave behind a daughter, then it is worse to leave the people he could have used his celebrity status and image to help.

But you were referring to his celebrity status to effect positive change, which is selfish on your part. You have no idea what he was going through. Being a celebrity or just wealthy doesn’t mean anything when you are mentally unstable enough to kill yourself. It probably works against them, I’d imagine.

So, for anyone to suggest that he should have considered his fame or wealth to stick around when he wanted to leave this world is a statement I’d expect from someone that suffers from mental retardation. I stand by my comment. (Rudeness absolutely intended.)

What should have kept in him going was thinking of his daughter. Something much more powerful and personal than fame or wealth. That’s what makes his and Kate Spade’s suicides different than, say, bchad’s. Girls ages 11 and 13, respectively, have lost a parent and face very difficult emotional times in an already difficult stage in their lives. That should be the focus. That should have been their focus.

You say that like its the best thing in the world but it really isn’t man. I hope one day you’ll grow out of that phase.

Usually they have something they can’t reconcile within themselves - since these could be personal secrets it’s easy to say you can’t understand why he did it, maybe if we knew the secret it would be easier.

A lot of people die everyday, some are worth remembering, but he is someone I will miss.

all i think ohai is trying to say is that the world was his oyster in every possible way. he’s not some reclusive millionaire so he had more options available than someone who was simply rich. very clearly the man had some issues hinted by a long period of addiction earlier in life.

Yes, it’s very possible there’s just miscommunication here but I have strong feelings towards suicide. Essentially, I believe it’s a personal choice and ultimately if you want to kill yourself, that’s your right. I really hope everyone at least tries to talk to someone first, be they family, therapists, or just an anonymous hotline.

My two main problems both come down to selfishness. (And I know I’m beating a dead horse now so I’ll shut up after this.) If there are non-adult kids involved, I get pissed off at the parent that committed suicide. That’s an extremely selfish act and I just don’t have any tolerance for it. As much as I liked Bourdain’s shows and found him to be an interesting personality, I’m ultimately going to remember him being a dick for leaving his daughter forever marred by his final act. On the flip side, I get pissed at people who are mad at those that commit suicide because they wanted to see more out of them. Whether that’s comedy in Robin Williams’ case, entertainment in Bourdain’s, etc. We have no right to presume what they were going through and to say they should have stuck around to make the world a better place or - gag - entertain us, upsets me greatly.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

i think suicide is silly unless you’re going to face endless physical pain and suffering then i guess its gucci to just end it quickly. not a fan of suffering! but im curious, what is everyone’s thoughts on euthanasia. i am a big fan despite my religion!


Truly sad. I think STL expressed my thoughts pretty well. Just a thought I had: when me or someone close to me is feeling down sometimes talking it out helps. But, often by talking it out you transfer some of the pain to the person who you are are talking to because they empathize with you and want to make you feel better. In some situations, by taking your own life you are ending your own pain, but ultimately inflicting (or transferring?) pain to people who love you.

The ironic thing about this is that the reason I like Anthony Bourdain so much is that I thought… here is a guys who know how to live life… here is someone to aspire to be more like to get the most out of life. The guy was intelligent and curious but also outgoing enough to make the most of those characteristics. His ability to find depth, interest, relatability and meaning regardless of the subjects socioeconomic status or culture was really inspiring to me. Some of his material really did have an influence on my worldview. Glad the guy ever existed.

RIP Anthony

the world lost a legend no doubt.

what i have not seen written is that how much he has grown between no reservations and parts unknown.

he will be truly missed. hope he is in a better place. very sad indeed