Anxiety Is Starting to Kick In

With only 8 days to go till the 23rd, I find myself feeling very anxious about the results. Sometimes I even get that horrible “pit feeling” in my stomach just thinking about what it’s going to feel like those final moments before that email arrives. The same feeling I had when checking my Level 1 results back in Jan of 2012 - I was anxiously refreshing my iPhone mail app post 9AM NY time to see if my results had arrived. Thankfully, several hours later when the email finally did arrive (ps. remember the Institute says they send them “after”, not “at” 9am), I was pleased to be informed that I passed comfortably.

I have already failed the “beast” they call Level 2 once for several reasons – primarily due to inadequate practice which was exacerbated by the short time frame I had to study registering right after passing Level I in Jan 2012.

This time I put a lot more time and effort in and felt pretty good walking out the door on the day, so all I can say is that I hope it works out for me, because you can never really know for sure. I hope this year will be my last “gut in the stomach” feeling for the Level II exam at least.

Wish you all and myself all the best next week…

P.S. I sincerely look forward to diving into Level III

I dont have the same problem, havent thought about it after June1st… Passed L1 last december and tried to tackle the L2 beast right after… Did well in the morning session but afternoon was effed, so I’ve prepared myself for something stupid like failing band 9 or 10. It’ll be a crazy pleasant surprise if I do pass, but i’m cautiously managing my expectations.

i m scared that if i dont pass what will happen . I dont have anything to bank upon now except some hope f passing l2 and getting a job


KevPei, l ddnt the same, after last Dec L1 results l celebrated for a week, took on Schweser notes there after. Burnt out after a month all the notes, rested for close to 2.5 weeks, started on the CFA books but couldnt finish in time. If l pass l will jump through the office ceiling. Possible band 9 or 10 coming my way.

I have literally given myself an ulcer waiting for results before. It’s not worth it. You can’t change it now. Be social, don’t think about it. I’ve made plans every night until next week Tuesday.

Yeah. Trying to not obsess about it, like stonerrunner.

But on the other hand I spent four months thinking about how great it would feel to pass in order to motivate myself to study an extra 30mn or finish a practice test… After that much pavlovian conditioning, it’s hard to take emotions completely out of the equation.

I give myself a 50/50 chance, which not only is an honest assessment of my chances, but also helps me keep it balanced - not too much excitement, not too much despair, just the urge to finally pull the band-aid and know.

Damn, this is making me break out again.

I have same feelings … I’m generally happy and relaxed nowadays; but who knows!

what annoyed me is that everyone (including coworkers, friends, wife) thinks that I will surely pass level 2 without problems at all even though I repeatedly told them I was not sure, and they thought I was just being humble.

I’ve already scheduled my annual leave starting pretty much a week after results.

In less than a week from now I’m either going to be feeling entitled to further loosening my wallet on that trip or feeling disheartened and even angry (because it would most likely be a band 10 if god forbid I fail).

But at the end of the day, I guess we can’t be too hard on ourselves because not only is this a hard exam, but it’s probably the hardest (or 2nd hardest vs Level 3) exam we will take in our lives. When you think of it like that, I guess failing it is still an achievement since you are a smarter person afterwards (assuming you actually put serious study effort and learned a lot).

I will make the best of my trip regardless of what occurs, but I desperately feel I deserve and need this pass now more than ever!

In a week…i’ll be leaving work to go celebrate or vent. I have a feeling both will result in the same activities.

Totally agree with this. Worst thing to hear “I’m sure you passed -INSERT RANDOM REASON HERE-”

Really, how do you know, I’ve never heard a Charterholder say this.

I am taking the day off from work, and will spend the hour after the scheduled release doing a 10k run.

I know!!!

ALL my friends and family kept saying “oh you’re so smart, i’m sure you will pass!” They thought it was comforting by saying that but what they didn’t know was how much expectation they are expressing and how much pressure i’m getting out of it.

> - <


In the end, roughly 40% will pass the exam. Of this number, about 20% are damn sure they will pass. These are people who only check the email to validate what they already knew since June. These few may not celebrate. They surely will be relieved that they can now move on to the next level.

The balance of 20% will be those who were not so sure, and are depending on the MPS. These guys will celebrate well into the night.

The CFA for you!

Now I’m really anxious. Thankfully I have a few street festivals, the beach and a Pearl Jam concert to take my mind off the wait.

to those who were like me and not sure if they could ever pass (and failed it once)…

when you do pass it is more relief then the longest piss you have ever taken.

agree with this. There is such a small margin of error.

I am feeling surprisingly calm. If I pass, I will move on, if I fail maybe not. I spent too much of my life last year on this, and am unsure I would be able to do it again.