For the last 2 or 3 weeks, I wake up and as soon as I realize I have not died of a stress-induced heart attack in the middle of the night, I promptly have a nice ball of butterflies/stress/anxiety delivered to my stomach, courtesy of my choice to be a part of this…it really is f’ed up to be half awake at 3 in the morning trying to remember what “SAMURAI” stands for. My wife and friends don’t, and will never, understand…God I envy their ignorance right now that being said…“git er done” everyone… put out a statistic that less than 20% who get into this get the charter…we are very close…keep studying my friends and well wishes to all

Specified in advance, appropriate, measurable, unambiguous, reflective of current investment opinion, accountable, investable. I can’t beleive i wasted time trying to memorize this list.

I was tossing and turning on the first “A” and was getting pissed I thinik I am starting to get agitated…sleep soon…after Family Guy----+